Alfa GT CLR at the ‘ring | Time for Coffee?

You may have seen this Alfa in Readers' Cars; now's the time to see it do what it does best

By Matt Bird / Monday, April 26, 2021 / Loading comments

We all know there are some gems lurking in Readers’ Cars, from incredible barn finds to one-off specs and spectacular build threads. One recent highlight, which you may well be aware of, is the Alfa GT of ‘CarreraLightweightRacing’. The thread is called ‘Butchering a Bertone’, which sells the work very short indeed – the car is a glorious reimagination of the classic Alfa coupe.

The idea was to create the most extremely track focused but still road legal interpretation of the 105-series Alfa. (To that end, in fact, it has just received TUV approval in Germany). So the F20C and six-speed manual from an S2000 have been fitted, further modified to produce 260hp; a host of composite panels have significantly reduced weight, too, with 874kg claimed.

Really, that’s just the start for the CLR, with a host of bespoke parts, motorsport inspired upgrades and lovingly crafted details, all of which are captured in this video. At more than half an hour long, it might be one for a lunch break than a quick cuppa, but it’s well worth investing the time. And if there isn’t enough detail for you, don’t forget to check out the thread…

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