Advice needed: A comfortable car under 40L for highway usage

I spent 4 lakhs on mods for my Maruti Ciaz a year back, but have started to find it uncomfortable for long highway drives now.

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Hello BHPians,

I have been using a Ciaz ZDI as my main driver (have clocked close to 1L KMs). I also have a Santro Automatic (2021) that I bought recently for local drives.

So the Ciaz is only used for longer runs, on average we clock about 20k KMS a year in ciaz (with multiple 700-800+ KMs per day routes)

1 Year back I went full retard. Spent over 4 Lakhs on the Mods (video). So I think it is time to start looking for a upgrade that will keep me and my family fresh even after a long highway drive.

My first thoughts were to look only for a 6/7 seater as we are a family of 4 adults + 2 kids (3 and 4 year old). But i do not want to compromise on other criteria and i am fine to stick to a sedan as full family traveling is only occasional.

My main criteria are

Thanks in Advance

Narayan Joshi

Here’s what GTO had to say on the matter:

1. 20,000 km a year = diesel preferred.

2. 90% highway = safety a top priority.

3. Comfort for 5, would be nice to accommodate 6.

New car options = Kia Carnival (mind-blowing comfort + space + excellent engine + gearbox), C5 Aircross (mind-blowing comfort & depth of engineering), Octavia (fun, but petrol). Drive these 3 and you’ll be an instant convert. Close cousin recently bought an old stock 2021 build Octavia Style variant for 28 lakhs.

Options worth stretching the budget for, or you can consider them pre-owned = Camry (a Lexus with a T badge and reasonably fun to drive), Superb & Kodiaq (but petrol). You should strongly consider a pre-owned Kodiaq Diesel.

You should also consider a current-gen pre-owned 320d, 3-GT (lots of space) or 5-Series. BMW’s reliability is very strong.

Here’s what BHPian Excommunicado had to say on the matter:

Only one car meets your criteria to the fullest in your budget and its the Skoda Octavia. You must try it atleast once even if you go for something else later. Just think about the following points.

1. No SUV can beat the beauty and grace of a sedan.

2. Most heads of state have sedans as their ‘Official state car’. I just had quick look through a wikipedia page with same title.

3. The Octavia has great proportions too. It is neither too massive to become a pain in the gluteal region while parking et al nor too small to be bullied by others in traffic or highways. Perfect!

4. The driving dynamics are great. There is no harm in calling it German. You can get away with it while doing so. It is acceptable.

5. The basics like safety and reliability are again top notch. You won’t have to worry one bit. Recently BHPian roy1010’s wife met with an accident in her Octavia. She came out unscathed with God’s blessing and Octavia’s great build quality.

Buy whatever your heart desires buddy and gives you peace of mind. You may wait for the Tucson which is arriving soon. It will be one heck of a competitor in < ₹40 lakh range. But as for my pick, it is the Octavia.

Here’s what BHPian kushagra452 had to say on the matter:

There is no better highway cruiser than the Innova Crysta. The top model is well within your budget. The bullet proof reliability and the awesome resale value are legendary. IMO you should seriously consider the top diesel automatic variant of the Innova Crysta.

Here’s what BHPian shreyans_jain had to say on the matter:

You can safely limit your options to Compass, Kodiaq, Meridian and Octavia. All very competent cars, and fair variety to accommodate different preferences. C5 Aircross as well, if you can make do with that weird rear seat. Will not suggest Carnival, the model will soon be phased out. The new generation is already on sale in international markets.

Your heavy running skews it in favour of diesel. Both Compass and Meridian have terrific highway fuel economy. Do note that none of these cars can truly accommodate 3 at the back, that kind of width is just not there. They all are super comfortable 4 seaters, but the rear bench is best for 2 adults + 1 kid. If you insist on accommodating 3 adults in proper comfort, your only options are the MG Gloster, and the soon to be replaced Kia Carnival. And they are no corner carvers.

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