4000km with a BMW 320Ld

The car has been flawless so far, and fits my use-case perfectly.

BHPian PrideRed recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

4000KM up. April was a quiet month, all cars in the garage put around 1K KM in total. Car has been flawless so far and fits my use-case perfectly. Also unlike Endeavour, there is no overlap, each car now has a clear use case. Throw in good roads and 3 is such a joy hitting those corners . I loved the drive to Madikeri, could not have asked for a better road for the 3. Scenic two lane road with fast sweeping curves. Monsoon will make this drive even better.

Bought 3rd and 4th year BRI for 87K, just before the hike. Tires don’t look like will last long. Those brutal accelerations, fast corners seem to be reducing the tire life, which is fine with me. After all, every mm of rubber has managed to bring smile. I like the front seats, the extra ribs/cushion make for a comfortable ride.

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